Last Week’s Class – Jan 10

Hello 6th Grade,

Last Sunday, on the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, we took the opportunity to learn about Baptism.

Before we approached the baptismal font, I told you how in all churches (and even some existing churches) there used to be what was called a Communion rail.  Not only did the faithful receive our Lord on their knees there, but the rail served to ensure that no one would unintentionally heap coals on their heads by doing anything inappropriate within the Sanctuary.  I also relayed to you that the very first soul that St. Padre Pio encountered was that of a young seminarian who died 50 years earlier, who told him that he had not yet gone to Heaven as he was careless when preparing for Mass.

Having said that, we then approached the baptismal font and performed a demonstration ‘baptism’ with some of you as parents, godparents, and family.  We learned about the meaning behind the Sacrament, the words, the white garment, the candle, and the holy oil called ‘chrism’.   Don’t forget about this oil as you will be hearing about it again next week when we learn more about Confirmation.

To help us prepare for this upcoming Confirmation class, you also took a test last Sunday.  The questions on this test actually ask what a Catholic should know from grades kindergarten through 6th grade.  This test is actually an assessment for me to find out what you know, so we can be certain we have these absolutely mastered by the end of the year.  To put it in a nutshell, we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us.

Mr. B


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