Some ‘Start-Now’ Homework!

Hello Class,

In addition to learning about Confirmation, we talked about the test we recently took, how much we have to catch up on, and that it is my goal to have you learn all you can in an easier, enjoyable way that will help you to remember things in less time.  Have you ever had an annoying kid in the back of the class who never seemed to pay attention, barely studied, and got great grades?  We want you to be that kid! (minus the annoying part, of course).  Not only do I want you to really like learning about your faith and remember it, but you also want you to have more success at school, with less effort, and more time to do the other things you enjoy.

Last week, some of you discovered that you are probably visual learners, and many of you seem to favor listening and learning.  Many people also find mouthing words help them with memorization, while others learn faster by drawing, music, handwriting, and different forms of repetition.  Before our next class, we’re going to have you discover which strategies work the best for you! 

The Hail Holy Queen Challenge

As you know, our goal is that each of you will be able to know and recite the Hail Holy Queen by our next class.  We’re going to do our best.  But like I had told you during class, we don’t want you to overdo it, or cram words into your head for just the day.  Not only are we going to slowly and gently learn a new prayer over time, but we will use this opportunity to help you discover the easiest way for you to make things ‘stick’ with less effort.  YOU ARE NOT TO SPEND MORE THAN 10 MINUTES EACH DAY ON THIS!  If you do more than that, you’re not discovering what is easiest – and that’s part of our goal here.

So here’s how I’d like you to roll…

Days 1-2  Perhaps your a repetition learner.  Recite the Hail Holy Queen aloud twice, line by line the way you would sing “One the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me…”  Do this twice each day.  Oh, and here’s a video to get you motivated.  Watch the whole thing!

And at night, simply whisper the prayer aloud to yourself at night just before you go to bed.  Read it.  Do it only once.  In fact, include a reading of the Hail Holy Queen just before you go to bed for the next couple of weeks.

Days 3-4 – Perhaps you’re a imagery learner.  Doodle each line of the Hail Holy Queen while saying it aloud, twice each day.

Days 5-6 – Perhaps you are a muscle-memory learner.  Handwrite the prayer twice each day, but mouth the words while you are writing.

Day 7 – Take it easy for this day.  Just whisper the prayer as you go to bed.

Days 8-9 – Perhaps you’re an auditory learner.   Can you put the words to music?  Is there a decent song with a good tune that work with the words?  Try to sing the entire prayer twice, either aloud, or your head.  Do this twice each day.

Days 10-11 – Perhaps you’re a visual learner.  If you have access to the Internet, watch the following video twice each day, while whispering it to yourself.  Be certain you are moving your lips.

For the rest of the time until class – Pick whichever one or two methods you thought was most effective.  Not necessarily what you liked the most, but what you thought was most effective.  You will learn to like what gives you better grades, greater success, and more time to do what you enjoy most.  Do those two exercises only once each day until we meet again.

The next time we meet, we will talk about your experience, but we will pray the Hail Holy Queen as well.

Game on!


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