This past week, we saw a great video on Purgatory.  It has been said that there are many misunderstandings about Purgatory, but if you made it to class, saw the video, and have learned very little about Purgatory, you’ve started your knowledge of it on a good foot.

The video began with a discussion of Near Death Experiences, or NDEs.  Advances in medicine has served to bring back many people back from death, with details of their experiences.  I shared an experience of a friend of mine who had past away, twice.  The sobering, first-person clarity that NDEs offer to us is a great aid to taking the reality of the life after this one very seriously.

The video was filmed only a few short years ago, and featured Cardinal Francis George, Fr. James Kubicki, and a very humble priest in Arizona who has received many visits from souls asking for prayers.  He shared his very real experiences of suffering souls, and the visits of souls who benefited from his Masses as they passed to Heaven.  All you can say after watching it is wow!

Perhaps the biggest take-aways regarding Purgatory is the hope that it offers us, and the most urgent, urgent need to pray for souls in Purgatory.  It is a place where souls have received the Mercy of God with the absolute certainty of going to Heaven, and it is a place where we are called to participate in that Mercy through prayer and sacrifices for these poor souls reach Heaven as quickly as possible.  Masses, Rosaries, and Stations of the Cross have been reported to be the most effective and encouraged.

All Souls Day is coming up on Wednesday, November 2nd. It is the day after All Saints Day, which is a Holy Day of Obligation on Tuesday, November 1st.  Hey, did you every wonder where Halloween came from?  The word actually came from Hallow’s (or “Holy People’s”) Eve.  It is day that used to turn our attention to those family members who have died.  The Hispanic community refers to it as The Day of the Dead, and they visit cemeteries to pray for their deceased loved ones.

Did you know that you can help release a soul from Purgatory with an indulgence that can be transferred to them?  The special condition for this indulgence is that you visit a cemetery each day from Nov 1-Nov 8.  Read about the other necessary conditions for the indulgence here.

I’m so sorry for those who missed this great class!  But please ask your parents to connect with me by email and I will gladly share my video with you.  It makes for a great Sunday evening watch, perhaps with family members as mature as you or older.

Mr. Behan


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